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A Call to Action for Companies on the 2nd World Company Day

Fellow Signatories and Companies, Happy World Company Day.
As we celebrate the 2nd World Company Day, it is important to consider how our companies can do better as a network. Since 2013, we have shared testimonials of how companies are shaping a better world each day. From modest beginnings, our movement now number 201 companies in 10 nations representing some 50,000 employees. We come from diverse industries, telecommunications, food and beverage, banking, services but we share a common purpose: Making a difference through daily work and together we can do even more.

In these days, rising tensions between nations and beliefs are threatening global well-being and development. Conflict is the consequence of a culture devoid of dialogue and peace. It is not profitable for man and enterprise whenever conflict happens. As companies, it is in our interests to invest in a more inclusive and peaceful world. And as employers and actors in society, we can sow seeds of dialogue and peace by beginning with ourselves.

This is why we have chosen this theme for the year ahead: Companies for Dialogue and Peace.

Let us launch a year of actions until the next World Company Day to shape a more inclusive and peaceful world. Here’s a proposal on how each company can do this:

Our Company, A Place for Dialogue

To overcome divisions and prevent sectarian conflicts, we invite companies to become places of dialogue. We ask that companies hold sessions for colleagues to share about their beliefs so as to build understanding and appreciation of each other’s faiths and beliefs.

Our Company, A Voice for Peace

All companies seek to stay neutral in times of conflict however we can all be voices for peace. We invite companies to openly support calls for dialogue and reconciliation. We ask companies to use all of their channels for peace initiatives and not to remain indifferent as flames of indifference rise around us.

Our Company, An Actor for Peace

Companies are creative by nature and we invite them to find practical ways to build peace. Perhaps there is a refugee whom we know through an aid agency, how can we provide employment to help that person. Maybe designate a portion of a product’s sale to sponsor peace initiatives or to fund peace education.

These are just some ideas and we are confident that companies are capable of more. If each company do something in their local community and it inspires others to do the same, then very soon we will trigger a chain reaction of dialogue and peace capable of making a difference around the world.

As leaders, we know what needs to be done. Let us invest in a shared future!

Lawrence Chong
Chairman for World Company Day

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About World Company Day

World Company Day was launched on 15th of August 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at Shape the World Conference as an annual day for Companies who seek to shape a better world through daily work.
Today, companies shape every aspect of our lives. From creating opportunities, influencing choices, managing resources of the earth, the way business is conducted can and should be for the greater good. This is why it is important to have an annual day to celebrate the good that companies are doing all around the world and encourage others to do the same. We invite all companies to join us and henceforth commit to building companies that will shape a better world and to advocate the United Nations to set aside 15th of August as World Company Day. More details and pledge here:

World Company Day’s Purpose
Raising consciousness about the role companies play in shaping a better world and enhancing collaboration to bring about greater good.

We call on the world’s companies to:
1) Build a more collaborative and meaningful culture in our companies
2) Treat customers and suppliers as partners in shaping a better world
3) Create products and services that will add meaningful value to society

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