Insights from Ms Sharon Kam, Consulus Head of Creative Strategies at Consulus: How to achieve innovation and growth through the objectives of WCD.

Sharon Kam, the head of creative strategies at Consulus, was invited to give a talk to a group of Taiwanese women entrepreneurs in Taipei, Taiwan. The event was organised by the the Sun Yat-Sen Management Education Foundation and held at the GIS MOTC Convention Center on the 20th of July 2019. We interviewed her about her experience.

Word Company Day (WCD): Hi Sharon, you recently gave a talk to women entrepreneurs in Taiwan, could you tell us more about the purpose of this talk?

Sharon Kam (SK): More women entrepreneurs in Taiwan are planning to venture overseas to expand their business. Beyond the know-hows of international expansion, preparing their companies for Industry 4.0 is paramount to their success both in Taiwan and beyond. My objective was to help these women entrepreneurs realise the importance of gearing themselves with the right skills and the need to innovate for this age of disruption. I also wanted to share about my experience at Consulus and how being a purpose-driven organisation is a catalyst for innovation.

WCD: Why do you think it is important for companies to have a purpose and to want to shape the world into a better place?

SK: For companies to grow and thrive, people at all levels have to be united on a common purpose. When there is a shared purpose, individuals have a greater sense of belonging and are more passionate to contribute towards a corporate goal. If that purpose is built on a worthy cause, there will be a multiplier effect on the impact throughout the organization. Shaping a better world, while sounding like an enormous challenge, is actually a pragmatic calling for everyone and every company to add value to the community in practical ways: how the company operates, its outputs and even its relationship with the overall eco-system. Such positive outcomes and energies will further propel greater good in the world.

WCD: You mentioned in your talk that good ideas and business solutions require 3 elements: An organisational model that promotes innovation, a business model that is profitable and a brand that has influence. Do you think that companies that commit to the goals of World Company day would be able to achieve the 3 elements better?

SK: Certainly. The goals of the World Company Day (WCD) are directly related to the 3 elements. Any organization that wants to build a culture promotes innovation has to first value its people. The right organisational model is one that is collaborative and meaningful to the people which is the one of goals of WCD. Influential branding and profitable operations of any business are usually the results of its desire and ability to create products and services that add value to the society. A business can’t function in silo, it needs positive relationships with its customers and suppliers, and viewing them as partners to impact the world. All these are the objectives of WCD.

WCD: Why do you think World Company Day is important?

SK: World Company Day is a good reminder to companies to continually commit themselves to shaping a better world. When businesses are busy managing their daily operations to meet bottomline, there is a tendency to overlook the fundamental goal of its existence. Few companies review their vision and mission, or reflect on its core purpose on a regular basis. Every year on 15 August, many companies take a step back to renew their commitment. We hope that as more companies do so and in unison, many more will take up this challenge.

WCD: What is one action you think that all companies today can take to be part of the movement to shape a better world?

SK: Recognise your people, appreciate them for who they are and their contributions. If your company works with numerous external partners, send them a “thank you” note and encourage them to be part of the World Company Day.

WCD: Thank you Sharon for your time and your insights on WCD.

About Sharon Kam – Head, China and Creative Strategies at Consulus

Sharon has more than 20 years of experience including six years in China, and held senior management roles in international consultancies and organisations from Europe, the United States and Asia. Her forte lies in strategising solutions that help clients differentiate themselves in their challenging environment to realise business and corporate goals.

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