World Company Day experience in Taiwan: Social Impact and Economy of Communion


After the partnership with Siziwan Educational Foundation from Kaohsiung last year October, we were happy to bring the World Company Day (WCD) initiative to Taiwan through the Social Entrepreneurship Forum & Workshop in June with over 200 participants.

Vincent Chee, Deputy Head of Communication (Mandarin-speaking world) shared with the audience about the Economy of Communion (EoC) through the Consulus experience and how its work help clients find their purpose and create meaningful impact in society.

The Economy of Communion (EoC), was launched by Chiara Lubich, President of Focolare Movement. In May 1991, while Chiara was on a plane approaching the city of San Paulo, Brazil, she was struck by the sight of the vast ring of ”favelas“ or ”shanty-towns“ surrounding one of the greatest concentrations of skyscrapers in the world. Moved by this sight, she proposed a new economic approach based on communion, gratuity and reciprocity to help solve the crisis of poverty and bring about a united world. Chiara imagined a new generation of companies, who by their examples, will propose an alternative way of business to the current one within our capitalistic system.

WCD Vincent Sharing 3

WCD Vincent Sharing 2

The big consultancies and advertising agencies are still driven by maximization for profit as purpose without putting the people – the key driver of the company – its interest cannot help companies take up the coming challenge of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Companies need a human-centered approach to solve different types of poverty issues such as poverty of material goods, poverty of identity, and poverty of purpose. That is why EoC invites everyone to change their approach and participate in business to change the economy. This is what Consulus aspires to do through its consultancy works daily.

Vincent also shared a case study of how Consulus work with a client – Saradise, a property developer in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, to show how business can also create a meaningful place and how it is possible to be a responsible and profitable developer who is not simply adding more buildings to the skyline, but to appreciate and to promote local culture, and integrate it into the business.

WCD with Signatories from Taiwan

After the sharing, Da Pu Cooperative and Baolai Cultural Society from Taiwan pledged to build a company to shape a better world. You can read about their experiences here.

Thereafter, Vincent invited the social entrepreneurs take up the challenge to create companies that have meaningful purpose, that can produce meaningful jobs and products and services that can benefit society. These are the core beliefs of World Company Day and why we celebrate it every year on 15th August.

Happy World Company Day!


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